This past fall, I worked on a lovely project to help Black Women during the upcoming- or current-housing crisis in NYC. It was my first time designing and building a product all by myself, branding as well. I started a project with an image that was public domain.

A challenge I faced was that I wanted BWM to be a resourceful but fun site in which seeking help wasn't too corporate looking, and a site that could run with all it's features with Mid and Low-tier mobile internet speed.

Another thing was the fact that since we are talking resources that sometimes become unavailable. I had to find a way to keep the information up to date.-Note is that the volunteers who gathered data are not tech-savvy, so it had to make it easy, familiar-.

I went with Google Sheets that update the information on the site every 5 minutes, 24/7/365. That way, volunteers will only update a spreadsheet -even from their smartphones-, and data would be available all the time. Not the prettiest, but efficiency is crucial for this project. 

I noticed that the language gets complicated in some sections. I don't understand most legal terms, which inspired me to add definitions when hovering on words. 

The images they have are to die for I, wanted to make them part of their brand I, wanted volunteers to see the movement that inspired this organization. 

BWM wanted an interactive job board, kind of like Craiglist. I figured that for the safety of Women, BWM had to do it in a way they could verify the opportunities before showing them. I added interactive forms and, the admins can review them before posting.

The lower part of the site is my favorite as well. You can see the demands in the lower ribbon -it was important for BWM to have people know what they stand for, so I made it part of every single page-.

I'm excited for Women to use this tool.


*Pink was mandatory*


America on Trial is a little website that I made when my friends needed it. Features are pretty straightforward, the goal for this site is to take you to a donation page so this group can gather funds for their events, and to take you back to Instagram profiles for information.

I really wish the story was more elaborated but we only had 1 day to finish it, I mapped it in a little notebook and then finished it within 8 hours. 


Launching February 2021! 


Myself and Nasty is probably one of the projects I'm the most excited about.

An amazing writer who wants to talk about Poems and Thoughts, Unrequited Advice, Sex, Love, and Mental Health. The branding is so much fun.